Research and Development Authority

Research Centrality is one of the most prominent indicators of excellence in a hospital. At Shaare Zedek, research is a vital component of the daily activities across all medical departments. You can stay updated on the current research areas in the medical department pages.

The academic affiliation of Shaare Zedek Medical Center with the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine in Jerusalem establishes a highly fruitful academic and research collaboration. Teaching and research progress hand in hand, both testifying to the essential nature of an organization oriented towards the future.

Every few years, the fruits of numerous studies conducted by Shaare Zedek researchers and its physicians are compiled into the research volume of Shaare Zedek. We are proud to present the 2013 volume (available for viewing in the link on the right), which showcases notable research achievements that have been recorded at Shaare Zedek across a wide range of fields during the years 2009-2013.


Meda'it is a subsidiary of Shaare Zedek Medical Center that leads the collaborative efforts between the hospital and industry companies.

Meda'it bridges the gap between the hospital and the industry, overseeing research and clinical trial agreements, consultancy and services agreements, an innovation center including the provision of clinical data and samples, exploratory research into digital technologies, and the commercialization of knowledge and intellectual property technologies developed within the hospital team.

Helsinki Committee

The role of the Helsinki Committee is to approve every medical experiment involving human subjects conducted at the hospital. Its responsibility is to ensure the rights, safety, and well-being of the participants in the medical trial by examining and approving the medical trial. Additionally, it monitors the progress of the trial, including changes in the safety assessment of the research product, the trial protocol, the informed consent form, and more.