Shaare Zedek Medical Center invites you to join its family-oriented residency program in departments considered at the forefront of medicine in Israel. With a well-structured curriculum, you will have the opportunity to become proficient in your desired medical field and excel in your examinations.


At Shaare Zedek, we have a dedicated office specifically for the care of our residents, ensuring that you successfully complete the program. As the largest medical center in Jerusalem and one of the largest in Israel, we provide care to over 650,000 people annually.


As the future generation of medicine in Israel, you will receive the best possible conditions at Shaare Zedek, including:


  • Bonuses for outstanding residents. Exceptional residents will receive benefits such as assistance with research.
  • Monetary rewards for excellent interns.
  • Over 10 days of additional training per year. We emphasize the importance of professional development for our doctors, providing extra training beyond the standard 10 days for residents who present and participate in conferences.
  • Funding for conference travel. Up to $2,500 is provided annually for residents to participate in conferences abroad. Young doctors are encouraged to apply for travel funding.
  • Specialization in cutting-edge medicine.
  • In the Obstetrics department, Shaare Zedek boasts the highest number of deliveries in the country, with over 22,000 births per year. Come and learn from our top doctors in a warm and family-friendly atmosphere.
  • The Intensive Care Unit at Shaare Zedek was the first in Israel to be recognized for residency training by the Scientific Council.
  • Many departments at Shaare Zedek are renowned for their excellence, staffed by doctors with a worldwide reputation.

    Studying at Shaare Zedek offers peace of mind. We have a specialized office dedicated to managing all resident-related matters, allowing you to focus on your studies and training.

Shaare Zedek's excellent departments expose residents to a wide variety of medical cases, diagnostic methods, and therapeutic techniques. Most hospital departments are recognized for residency training by the Scientific Council. The Emergency Medicine department was among the first to offer specialized residency training.


We offer a significant number of residency positions, with 200-240 residents dispersed among various hospital departments.


Exceptional residents will receive additional benefits, such as assistance with research.


Shaare Zedek Medical Center provides a promising professional future. Many senior doctors at Shaare Zedek completed their residency training at our hospital.


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